Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Courtesy of fellow barber blogger Frank Reiland I came across this new clip of Donny Hawley talking at his shop. It's beautifully shot - kudos to whoever put this video together. I find it very interesting that Donny talks about the hardships of barbers from the 60s to the 80s. This is exactly what Liam Finnegan, veteran barber and owner of the Waldorf talks about. Damn hippies ruined it for all of us!!! Anyway, a new Golden Age of traditional barbering seems to be back. Incidentally, in Donny's shop there's a b&w photo of his grandad motocross bikeracing in Dublin back in the 50s in "Shelbourne Park." This is only a couple of miles from me - I messaged Donny about this but I'm not sure he got it.


Anonymous said...

He has a way with words... 'uh, just, ya know man?' haha. Ive heard from various sources that the guy can be a jerk in real life, but who cares, he is keeping tradition alive! And to that I say cheers!

FacundoGallegos said...

I moved from Southern California to Texas in September. I regret never going to get a haircut at Hawleywood's. I start barber school this week!

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