Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Greetings and happy holidays to all my readers. Kinda crazy weather in some parts of the world, heavy snow in Ireland and flash floods in Los Angeles County. So, here's a treat: 1940s Mohawks. Yes, a lot of folks have heard or read about US airborne troops parachuting into Normandy in '44 with shaved heads and Mohawks. But you never SEE images of these guys... well here goes:
Here are some photos of "Pathfinders", guys from the 82nd and 101st airborne divisions who parachuted in first. These pictures are screen caps I took from an Army Air Force film made on D Day minus one.
These images are great because they are the real deal - the image of the all American citizen soldier that was portrayed in the media was very different to what these warriors looked like.
I'm pretty sure the guy above on the right has had his hair shaved with a straight razor. I mean, even an Oster machine with a 00005 attachment wouldn't be that close. What I find interesting is that this guy's hair actually looks like a modern marine "recon" haircut AKA a horseshoe. Recently I was in contact with another barber enthusiast who sports this cut called Musclebuzz and he told me about a Los Angeles barbershop run by recon-wearing Mohawk Matt. Keep up the good work Matt.


Frankie said...

These are really great photos. Thanks for finding them and sharing them.

Anonymous said...

why haven't you posted in so long

Dewitt Albright said...

Thanks for checking in. Blog originally to record training at the Waldorf (see earlier posts.)

For much more frequent update search facebook for Waldorf Barbershop.

Anonymous said...

Great photos. These guys were actually members of a unit within the 101st Airborne known as "Filthy Thirteen". Some say they were the inspiration for the book/movie "The Dirty Dozen".

If you google "Filthy Thirteen" you will find various web pages /discussions devoted to this group of fearless paratroopers.