Monday, February 1, 2010

Sweeney Todds Barbershop in L.A. | Lucky 13 pomades and shampoo | D.A.s at the Waldorf
A really nice message I got in today from our friends over at Sweeney Todds Barbershop in L.A. Todd the owner contacted me to say:

"My hats off to you!"
"The Waldorf and it's barbers are a rule by which all barber shops and barbers should be measured. I just happened to be browsing around on the internet when I stumbled across your blog. I too own an old shop dating back to 1927. It's last remodel was back in the early 50's. I've tried to maintain this asthetic but your crew takes it a couple notches higher. I've already sent your blog link to some friends and posted a bulletin on myspace. More people need to see what real barbering is all about. cheers! Todd."

 Here's Todd:
Well this was a great message to get! Los Angeles is my favorite US city. There are so many Golden Era buildings around, and Sweeney Todds has been in operation since 1927 (wow - two years older than the Waldorf). I can see the shop has been restored recently, and I think it looks great.

I got a nice pompadour from Linda Finnegan on Saturday. Basically, I am trying to grow out the top again and keep the top nice n' tite. You'll see that Linda has styled in a Duck's Ass (D.A.) at the back. Here's a video I shot while in the chair:

In the chair before me was Dave, who get a great haircut from Linda. Amazingly, Linda did this with no scissors, using just the machine. Here's his finished haircut (you can see the beginnings of a D.A.): 

Here is another customer from the Waldorf who in my opinion has the best D.A. in town:


Betty Darling said...

The vid is cool Brian. your haircut looks great. How nice is that message from LA!!

Dewitt Albright said...

Thanks you Betty. I love getting the feedback. The haircut I got is Linda's specialty. I usually get a more 40s style done by Liam (Linda's dad). But I love this style as well.

I checked out Todd in LA's shop - it's the real deal!