Monday, February 8, 2010

Another very relaxing Saturday afternoon spent at the Waldorf catching up with friends. In this shot you can see another happy customer perusing the straight razor catalog then in the chair getting styled up for Saturday night:
My sincere thanks to Ger at the Waldorf for starting this shave and for Liam in perfecting it. Got it on Saturday, and don't need to shave till Tuesday. Nice!

This is what I looked like when I came into the shop earlier (about 3 days growth):


Roxy (aka Hamilton Honey) said...

Very nice post Brian! Funny, because I thought of you today when I ran across a small Barber shop in Phoenix called 'Bogies' which proudly advertises as a 'House of Fades' on the front window...Looks like you had a really relaxing time there, and though I'm not male *or* a barber, I sure admire the Waldorf and what you all are doing there!

cade said...

nice post woulda been better with sound :(

Dewitt Albright said...

Yes. There was sound but YouTube seems to have removed it. I'll be putting some music to it again.