Sunday, November 15, 2009

Last Thursday's class was the final class of the training course Danielle and I are doing at the Waldorf barbershop. Next week we'll be doing an exam. There will be an external examiner coming in to assess us. So I'm trying to get in as much practice as I can before next Thursday! Here are some photos we took on the night:
Danielle's first customer:

Danielle's second customer:

Paolo, my customer for the night: 

Here is Linda interviewing Danielle and I, giving some final thoughts on the training program:


MyTest Blog said...

The video at the end looks great!

I'm still so nervous about the final exam!

Dewitt Albright said...

Thanks for the feedback Ms. "MyTest Blog"!!! I like the video too, it's quite "reality TV" - not edited.

What I found really funny was the worried look on BOTH our faces when the video is stopped. We look petrified!

MyTest Blog said...

Ahahaha I never noticed that!
We do look very worried!

Dewitt Albright said...

I take it you are up studying?!!!

MyTest Blog said...

Actually I did give my friend a trim and an undercut tonight!
And then had some yummy pavalova!
I was also just admiring two new shaving brushes I bought :)

Dewitt Albright said...

I'm giving my father-in-law a cut tomorrow. I'm doing an assignment that's due in tomorrow in college. Can't seem to get my head around it.

I have my scissors and comb on the table beside me. Music? Earlier it was "Cadillac Records" OST - not sure if you saw the movie but I'd recommend it. Right now I'm goofin' off to Beethoven - sorry, obscure James Ellroy reference, but I AM listening to Beethoven right now.

MyTest Blog said...

Okay well I'm off to catch 40 winks. Tomorrow I hope to be that the other end of the scissors so I look good for my exam!
Also I start jury duty on Tuesday so I'm going to bring my scissors and comb along with me each day to practice my speed.

Good night and good luck with the assignment!

Dewitt Albright said...

Good night, and good luck*.

*Edward R. Murrow