Monday, November 9, 2009

As part of this blog, I like posting little "asides" about interesting things that relate to the Waldorf or the Golden Era. A customer I had in a few weeks ago is Aidan (you can find the post below in "older posts"). Well, Aidan was kind enough to bring in this amazing photograph to show me. His father was on the cover of the official Police magazine back in '52. Look at the style of this man. Now that's authority. This man would inspire confidence, and he's the kind of man in uniform that people would respect:

Gda. N. Bridgett, on Dame Street, opp. Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. 1952.
Officer Bridgett's beat covered the Waldorf Barbershop, located on Westmoreland Street. At the time of the above photograph, the Waldorf had been in business a mere 23 years. This photo was taken in 1952, and one of my favorite movies "L.A. Confidential" opens in 1952, and is also about policemen.

The man who wrote the book  "L.A. Confidential" is author James Ellroy. I met him on Saturday night at a book signing in Belfast:

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Dewitt Albright said...

Aidan - whose father you can see above - emailed me in the following comment:

"Wow, thanks so much for putting his photo up, and the lovely comments ! I have just shown him now and he's amazed and delighted to see his photo....he said he doesnt even remember anyone taken his photo at the time...must have been a sneaky one !"