Thursday, October 1, 2009

I've had a very busy day today barbering. I called into Friends of the Elderly in Dublin where I had arranged with Quinn (a lovely volunteer there) to set up a mobile barber station. I carried out five haircuts, and each was gentlemen was happy for me to take a photograph, so I am sharing these here.

First in the chair was Jim. I started with some spray water from the can, then gave him a tonic friction using Pashana Ocean Breeze. This has a lovely, old time barber smell and always goes down well.

This was a a nice haircut. I like the back in particular as there is enough on top to brush around to the center and create a "DA" effect. The hair at the back of the head tapers into the #4 blade on the machine but is distinctive enough to create a look that was very popular in the late 30s.

Next up was Gerry, who kept me entertained with stories of Dublin life in the 1940s.


The next haircut was one that I thought looked particularly good. Brendan has a great head full of hair, and I an very partial to this hairstyle myself.


You can see Quinn in the background and the next two gentlemen waiting in line for the barber's chair. I really likes doing this cut because the customer Brendan liked having very short hair around the edges (just the way I like to get mine done). So I have a #1 attachment on the lower back of the next and at the temples. Looking closely in the mirror you will see the barber.

Next up (Michael) had a very distinguished look after the haircut. As with all the others, today I used Nu Nile hair pomade to ad luster and shape the hair after the cut. The hair on the back of his head was actually quite long before the cut.


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