Monday, September 28, 2009

Over the week end I practiced some more on my two boys. Up to now I have found it exceptionally difficult to cut around the sides and the back of the hair, as toddlers tend to get very upset and move about a lot when they hear the machine clippers so close to their ears. This has meant that previous haircuts on the boys have been OK on top but not very well blended in on the sides/back. This is the first time that I truly believe I achieved a better result than if I had brought them into a barbers (or even a hairdressers!). I experimented with different styles with I'll show below:

Going for "The Butch". This was a machine buzz all round (#4 on top down to a #3). I left the front 1"out and cut the bangs with a scissors over comb, graduating back into the machine #4. I blended the different blade attachments using scissors over comb to get a perfect transition. I used the edge of the full sized Wahl clippers to go around the ears and clean the back of the neck. I used scissors over comb again for the neck line to clean any fine hairs. Finally I shaved fine hairs of the back of the neck with my Solingen straight razor featured below.

This was before - he seemed happier then....

Here is the older fellow. This style is "The Vanguard". Again I am very much on the clock when it comes to the machine on the sides and back. I  scissor cut the top and blended it into a #4, using thinning shears to expedite the process. After a few days I can confidently say the blend looks well. As the hair was long enough at the ears (#4) I actually used the scissors to create the shape here.

Note the "prepared tissue*" i.e. neck strip, folded down over gown.

*The Barbers' Manual (1956 ed.), A. B. Moler, page 56.

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Very handsome and adorable boys...Great haircuts! ).