Monday, November 9, 2009

I am currently in week 9 of the Waldorf Barbershop training program. We had an interesting class and both Danielle (my fellow student) and I had two models for the evening class. Thankfully, it has become marketly easier for me to get people I know to volunteer for these free haircuts, as each week the prospective models can see the outcome of the previous week. Here's Danielle with her two models for the evening:

That guy (^) looks happy. This guy below was on vacation here from Germany with him mom. They seemed really happy to be visiting the famous Waldorf. I think he needs pomade for his hair now. His mom took lots of pictures. I think they had fun!

Here's my class mate (from my other class) Jim. He asked for a Rockabilly haircut. Seeing as how we'd have to grow the top a lot more, I gave Jim what the Waldorf now calls the "Dapper" haircut - you can see it's a neat style and certainly stands out. (Liam, Jim's friend in the reflection - he was model #2)

I think this looks great, and I am proud of my work on this one (a lot of scissors over comb....)

Note to Jim: I used the Pashana tonic by mistake when I gave you the tonic friction. The Pashana is a very strong aroma - I meant to use the usual citrus Waldorf tonic. Hope the Pashana wasn't too awful, lol.


Dewitt Albright said...

Danielle, feel free to post your models' names if you wish.

Dewitt Albright said...

This weeks class (Thursday Nov 12) I'll be having in Paolo who is also a class mate of Jim's and mine.