Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Earlier today I was emailing Marcus from Northern San Diego County, sunny California. Marcus has a fantastic hairstyle that is both stylish but also short and neat. What I really like about this hairstyle is that, like mine, it's not straight on top. Here is a perfect example of how to make the most of curly hair on top, with a super-neat appearance. Amazingly this is a recent photograph even though it looks like it could have been taken back in the '40s.

The second photograph illustrates the haircut at the sides and back. A couple of people have written in questions to me asking about what to say to a barber to describe the haircut they want. Well Marcus (an 8 year US Marine Corps veteran - Semper Fi!) in the picture above writes to me with the following information: 
"The haircut I usually get is known as a "Low-Regulation", but better known as "Low-Reg". It's basically just going around the bottom edge of the hairline and graduating it from 0-3 inches (maximum top length for modern Marines)."

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