Sunday, October 4, 2009

A little late but here are the picture's from Thursday night's class:

Danielle here with her friend Isaac (he looks happy with the haircut:):

Danielle actually did an amazing fade on the hair at the back - it took ages but I think was worth it:

This is my customer for the evening, Patrick, who is studying to be an Architect in Dublin. He told us that he enjoyed learning so much about his hair, and had never heard so much talk about his hair....

We actually decided to do a more complex cut on Patrick, i.e. only scissors over comb the whole way round (no machine). Here are the results after an hour and a half:

Patrick was great to work with as he was happy for us to go with what ever style we wanted. Co-incidentally, Patrick had just come from a optician's store, where the model from week 3 works....

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