Sunday, October 25, 2009

I brought along two customers this evening, both are fellow students from my graduate school class. Here is Aidan in a before and after shot:

Aidan told me his father worked near the Waldorf and knew of the shop quite well. I guess this is not surprising considering there were two branches on Westmoreland Street at one point, one opening in 1929 and the "newer" one in 1946. I actually learned a lot on this haircut, it was an exercise in restraint, as not a whole lot of hair came off. It ended up remaining a really distinctive style, which is perfect for Aidan.

Also in the chair was Seán, a fellow classmate. Seán got a "one" attachment on the clippers at the bottom which I blended in to the slightly longer hair above. This was really good practice. I also spend time finishing the nape of the neck to make it extra sharp. We went a little longer on top than Seán was used to, I think I may have converted him into going for a more classic style.

When I got to the Waldorf to start the class, Linda was working on this Rockabilly, whose haircut really stood out. This is Dave and I believe his pompadour rocks (he'll be on the Exposé TV show when it films here later this week):

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Dewitt Albright said...

Follow up: Aidan told me he is tempted to go ahead and get a '50s haircut. I say "Go for it" - you only live once, and after all, it will always grow back!