Thursday, October 29, 2009

Exposé time today at the Waldorf! I drove in to the barbershop in town in my 1941 Buick. There was an air of excitement in the shop first thing and after a quick tidy up the 40s and 50s customers came in to the barbershop for filming. There were 6 of us (3 x 1940s and 3 x 1950s), and we were a motley crew of students/engineers/designers/fashion outlet managers etc. Just shows the wide spectrum of people who are enthusiastic about the Golden Era. We did some filming in the barbershop first and then did a shoot in a cobbled street in Temple Bar with my car.

Here is Glenda Gilson, the show's presenter:

And here are some stills from some footage I took on my iPhone:

I was pleasantly surprised to meet another 1940s man. It's great fun being with other fedora wearers when you have a old jalopy like mine. Thanks to Linda for organizing the day. We are all looking forward to when the show airs. I'll be sure to post it here on the blog.

Earlier, inside the shop:

Going back to work after getting just the right haircut:


Betty Darling said...

Wow,the car is stunning! Looking forward to seeing the show :)

Dewitt Albright said...

Thanks Betty, Glenda told us that it should air next Thursday. I'll be fun to see it. We had fun hanging out on that street in Temple Bar.

Bob said...

Looked Great Brian!

Dewitt Albright said...

Thanks Bob, it turned out really well, and the filming was great fun.