Monday, October 19, 2009

As part of my training I spent a day in the Waldorf with Liam, Linda. Ger and Elaina. We had great fun that day. It was a busy one and I got to meet and deal with a lot of the regular customers. I had a great time, and it was good experience for me to interact with all of the customers. It's quite easy to do this, as the regular customers are fans of the place. I got to look after quite a few hairwashes, frictions and even a haircut. I will be going back soon to practice hot towel shaves, I'll bring a friend with me as the customer. I'm feeling very confident about shaves - I'm getting planty of practice in at home with my vintage straight razor. Here's me, quite balmy, after running around the shop all day - a barber's work is never done!

Here is Linda quizzing at the end of the day. After Linda left I spent a hour talking with Liam (he is a wealth of information) and I was lucky enough to borrow another cool boo from his personal collection. This edition was printed in Los Angeles (say An'GLeez) in 1958!

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